Joshua Winger

A Writer, Director & Sometimes Cinematographer

Joshua spent his formative years exercising his imagination in the back of a Kombi Campervan while his parents smuggled Bibles into the Eastern Bloc in the 80s. He formed an early interest in literature and creative writing and during his travels discovered a love for photography. As the technology became more accessible this became a practical study of cinematography. 

   His first entry into the 48hour film competition 'BOY vs WILD' (2014) was a regional finalist and was nominated BEST DIRECTOR, BEST CINEMATOGRAPHY and BEST ORIGINAL SCORE. 

   Joshua has worked for 13 years in the film industry, since 2007 as a location scout, photographer and actor, and since 2012; as an independent filmmaker. On-set acting experience has added another dimension to his process and ability to understand and collaborate with actors better.  To further this he studied the MEISNER TECHNIQUE for two years and started a studio taking actors headshots and filming selftapes to support his writing and filmmaking journey. This allowed him to clock serious time with a wide range of actors from beginners through to well established Australian and NZ talent, allowing him to stay engaged in the craft and practise the language of directing while rehearsing, filming and editing their audition scenes. 

   Joshua's multifaceted approach and his unique life experiences have given him the ability to craft films with a strong and original voice. 


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